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Hot Lunch Program

Mount Pisgah Christian Academy offers a daily hot lunch to our students! Students can choose to buy lunch or bring their own. You can find a copy of this month's menu as well as lunch prices below!

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Lunch Prices

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

$2.50 per day

$12.50 per ticket

3rd-6th Grade

$3.00 per day

$15.00 per ticket

7th-12th Grade

$3.50 per day

$17.50 per ticket

Snack Carts

There is a snack cart in both buildings with prices ranging from $.25-$2.00. Items include chips, Little Debbie Snacks, Candy Bars, Slim Jims, Cookies, Drinks and more. A snack ticket can be purchased for $10.00 from your student's teacher. 

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