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MPCA Alumni Testimonial :: Jessica (Reid) Garrett, Class of 2002


Life After MPCA :: Bachelors in Elementary Education at Crown College Of the Bible; Kindergarten teacher at MPCA


“ During my years at Crown College, I heard Dr. Clarence Sexton speak often about the unconscious preparation of God (God being at work in my life, even though I did not see it). I had been homeschooled from 6th grade to 10th when my mom was asked to come and teach at MPCA. If it had been up to me, I would have chosen to continue to homeschool for my Junior and Senior years. I'm glad though, that God knew that I needed those years at MPCA. I needed to become acquainted with Mr. Carl Broscious who would one day be my administrator and the greatest servant leader I've ever known. I needed to be pushed and challenged in those hard Bible classes with Mr. Nathan Barker so that I was not so overwhelmed when I got to college level classes. I needed that time to help me "come out of my shell" so that I would be more socially ready to enter college.

I am grateful to God! I am so glad that He sees what we do not! I am grateful to Preacher Walls, Mrs. Gail and Mount Pisgah Baptist Church for their support of the ministry of Mount Pisgah Christian Academy. I am abundantly blessed to have been at MPCA as a student and to have the opportunity to return as a teacher! On top of that, my husband and I have children that are enjoying the Patriot Life as well. Their lives are daily being enriched and challenged by the academics, the Bible teaching, the teachers, the plays, the projects, the friends, the chapel services, the athletics, and the amazing administrative work of Mr. Carl Broscious and Mrs. Kendra Walls. TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE!”

MPCA Alumni Testimonial :: Rebekah (Carney) Reid, Class of 2007


Life After MPCA :: Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Pensacola Christian College Class of 2011;

Registered Nurse at Shults Pediatrics, a division of Summit Medical Group; Mom of 2 kids, Justin (3) and Jocelyn (5 months)


“I was fortunate enough to have attended Mount Pisgah Christian Academy from grades K-12. I can remember being taught Scripture verses as a kindergarten student in Mrs. Pennington’s class. In 5th grade I remember my teacher, Mrs. Ross, having a very large impact on my life. She left her home to be a missionary. This was the same year I accepted Christ as my Savior. My Junior and Senior high years would be just as impactful. It is here where I surrendered my life to serve Christ in whatever capacity He called me. I eventually found that calling in the field of nursing and later attended Pensacola Christian College. I can truly say I was prepared for college entry with my high school diploma from Mount Pisgah. The academics here are excellent. I am forever grateful to Mrs. Donna Campbell for all of her expertise in chemistry and biology as these were my main studies in my undergraduate degree. During my years at MPCA, I played basketball. The teamwork built on the court that was instilled in me then, helps me in my current work environment. We diligently work together in a way that will benefit our patients. Not only did I have great friends that encouraged me to live and serve the Lord, but I met my husband at Mount Pisgah. In my 6th grade year, we had a new family attend our school- the mom was going to be our English/History/Spanish teacher, and she had a daughter and son that would be attending as well. Little did I know then, how much her coming would change my life. The next year Jon and I were in some of the same classes and we stayed friends all through high school, dated in college, and then we married in October of 2011. I know not every person meets their spouse that young, but I’m so thankful for the way God led us together over the years. I am so grateful to have grown up in this place. It shaped my life in every way. It grounded me in my beliefs. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Mount Pisgah Christian Academy. We plan on sending our children there, and pray that the Lord uses the school to shape them the same way it has shaped our life.

The Lord has used MPCA in many aspects of my life- it was one of the tools he used to shape me into the vessel he wanted me to be, “a vessel meet for the master’s use (2 Tim. 2:21.)”

MPCA Alumni Testimonial :: JR Russell, Class of 2016

Life After MPCA :: Political Science Major minoring in Environmental Studies and Sciences at Tennessee Tech University


“During my time at Mt. Pisgah, I was able to participate in a variety of opportunities to support my professional, academic, and spiritual growth. My teachers, as well as the administration, provided the tools and experience for students to excel in classwork and interpersonal skills. This ultimately put me at an advantage once I entered the college environment. The extracurricular activities such as academic competitions and athletics helped to shape my confidence which has been a great asset. In addition, the various programs identified my strengths and weaknesses, and gave me the value of achievement through teamwork and discipline.

However, the most important component of my transition to college was the continued mentorship that several staff members continue even today. Above everything else, knowing that I have access to appropriate guidance has made my transition into college as seamless as possible.”

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